What You'll Learn

With the help of our experienced SEO pro, you'll learn:

  • How search engines work and why SEO matters to your business

  • The many, many factors that impact your site’s ranking and discoverability on search engines

  • The components of the search engine results page and the many ways your business can be found

  • Tactics and tools you can use to increase visibility of your business in search

  • SEO myths: the things you’ve heard about SEO are probably wrong. We’ll explain why.

  • A brief overview of things you can do to start to improve your website’s discoverability in organic search

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Who Is This Workshop For?

-Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who run their business and also manage their website

-Small business owners with a part-time or full-time Marketing employee

-Entry-level Marketers looking to learn more about SEO

Ride With Us!

No Experience? No Problem!


Ross is a great presenter and makes the industry-specific terms and jargon accessible to people who have no previous experience ...I would definitely recommend attending Tricycle Creative workshops.

Course Content

  • 2

    What Is SEO?

    • The Definition of SEO

    • Quiz Time: What Is SEO?

  • 3

    How Search Engines Work

    • Search Web Crawlers

    • Google: The Internet's Top Referral Partner

    • Quiz Time: How Search Engines Work

  • 4

    SEO Factors

    • SEO Factors

    • Domain Factors

    • Page Level Factors

    • Site Level Factors

    • Backlink Factors

    • User Signals Factors

    • Algorithm Factors

    • Social Factors

    • Brand Signals Factors

    • Spam Factors

    • SEO Scorecard

    • Quiz Time: SEO Factors

  • 5

    What Search Engines See

    • What Search Engines See

    • Behind The Curtain

  • 6

    What Is SERP

    • SERP

    • Modern SERP

    • Quiz Time: SERP

  • 7

    SEO Myths

    • It's Mythbustin' Time

    • Keyword Stuffing

    • Paid Helps Organic

    • Links

    • SEO Success

    • Quiz Time: SEO Myths

  • 8


    • What Can I Do?

    • Google My Business

    • Site Audit

    • Keyword Audit

    • Create Content

    • We Can Help!

    • Will You DIY?

  • 9

    Congrats + Thanks!

    • Thank You

    • How Was SEO 101?


  • Is this a training session or a sales pitch?

    At Tricycle Creative we love teaching people that they can become better, more informed Marketers. We will take 5-10 minutes at the end to discuss our services but we hate bait-and-switch tactics. We don’t do things we hate.

  • I don’t know the first thing about SEO. Should I still sign up for this training?

    Absolutely! Our training sessions are designed for Marketers of all skill levels and experience. We breakdown concepts simply so that you can understand them and apply them to your business. If you have questions, our online platform allows for commenting or you can email us directly and we’ll answer your questions.

  • How long will I have access to the online training session?

    You’ll have access to this online training session as long as we offer it and you can go through it at your own pace. No need to rush, take your time and get your learn on!

  • What if I want to schedule an in-person or group session for my business?

    If you’re interested in scheduling an in-person or group session for your business, email us at hello@tricycle-creative.com and we’ll work with you to schedule the training sessions you need.